Sunday, January 9

midnight 2am

I don't know why am I here, as in blogging.
the exams start on the day after 2mrw, OMG!

I'm a dreamer.
I'm a slacker.
I'm a big-eater.
I sleep all the time.
I procrastinate like x100000 more than YOU!

I used to go for hi-tea sessions like at least thrice in a week back in M'sia.
I seriously miss those good times. :'(

Exams driving me nuts #.#
the PALE-looking me :/
for the past few days, I was ill, be it physically or mentally. 

Okay shyytttt 15minutes wasted for this post.
Gimme a SMILE, a huge SMILE =D
that's right baybeh, you're beautiful!

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