Friday, February 18


Hellow! Today is CHAP GOH MEH, it signifies the end of CNY'2011. You know what, I haven't received any ang pow till now, (only if the one from my dad & Gala casino been excluded). 
Celebrating CNY abroad isn't that bad after all, especially when you have great bunch of good friends.

okay, back to topic.
How was your lovey-dovey day with the sweetheart? Was it a special & unforgettable one, am I right?
Now, I'd like to share with you readers about my V-Day.  :)
Mine was fabulous too =)
Nah. I had candle light dina like most of the couples did last night. *winks*

Guess who's my date? ? ?
I date a girl, & she's a gorgeous babe woohoo...^^
Yesh, only 2 of us for the candle light dinner, I think most of the couples next tables thought we are actually Lesbian, oh gawd!
Valentine's day is meant to celebrate with your loved ones, for me, it doesn't necessarily with Boyfie, with parents/ bestie is pretty fine. As long as you enjoy the moment with the one, nothing beats that.
by the way, we were supposed to have double dates with Grace & Eileen, but :( 
Our romantic meals yay!
She's my personal-hired photographer of the day :)
She's LOVE, and the irreplaceable one =) 

It was indeed a romantic dinner, both of us enjoyed!
Our V-day didn't just end like this.
Our next stop with the mission of seeking for someone I love too!
Phewiiittt.... sizzling hot baybeh!
The perfect love, well said!

the photo above damn sweet, I'm happy for both of them.
The newborn couple! :P
 how I wish I have a guy to cook & prepare a romantic candle light at home too! what I could say to myself is DREAM ON! hahah...
so you had a sweet valentine's 2011, didn't you? =)
If you didn't, no worries, I believe you will have it mebe next year, just look forward for it kay? 

February is known as a romantic month,
so I'd like to say:
I love y'all
( yesh! to everyone that I care, I treasure, I heart)
of course, you readers too mwahs :)

Stay tuned for more updates!

Signing off,
Wendee x x

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