Sunday, February 20

The Scam Alert!

A phone call woke me up today, around 130pm.
' Hello, may I speak to Ms. Wendy Chua?'
*croaky voice* 'Yes speaking, who's this?'
' Congratulations Wendy, you have just won an Iphone!'
*surprised and jumped out of my bed* 'What?!?! Are you serious? How come?'
' You entered our website contest, so you're one of the lucky winners! Now I'd like to confirm with you again your personal details.' #cont.
' you have a credit card/debit card? in order to secure your prize, you have to give us some deposit. Don't worry, it's refundable!' (I think this is the main point of the conversation)
the prize is attractive, I almost got tricked at the moment okay!
But still, I was like thinking:
WTF, this world where got like free money/free gift, okay I'm saying like out of nowhere a sudden gift drops from the sky, this is so ILLOGIC. Tell me how to believe tis!
So I asked, 'May I know which company is this?'
' Hey dear, we are from the eurochance 100. May I know when would you like to collect your prize?'
'Of course I have too many credit cards as well as debits, I don't know which one should I give you.'
*the fella must be very excited to hear this, still he tried to stay calm and act like a professional* 'Any will do! 'I need your card number and expiry date'
' Hang on a minute, I go get my purse now, is that alright?'
I simply just put my phone aside for like 5 minutes... 
'Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. I'm back!'
'that's fine. So what's your card number?'
'Oh I am so so sorry, I just realized that all my cards had expired. Tell me what should I do?'
'Do you have a debit card then?'
'Oh, I have one! but wait, could you please repeat what is the prize again?'
'Sure, you have just won an Iphone!'
'Oh REALLY? Oh my gosh! Is that the latest iphone yea?' (very sarcastic!)
'Absolutely, it's the iphone 4 my dear'
Here's the interesting part:
'Oh iphone 4 yeah? I have too many iphones on hand, there are like 6/7. No thanks, I don't need an extra iphone at the moment'
He must be pissed off! What I could hear is...
tuuu....tuuuuuu... He jst hung up the phone call like that!
Yay, mission accomplished! I just made him act like a fool!

Okay, I'm that MOU LIEW =.='' (cantonese)
Euro Chance? ftw, I don't even need a chance from you, EuroCON! 
this is the number: +08009886006
Peeps in the UK, I'm writing this because I don't want you to be a victim! 
Always remember, don't simply give your card number and details to any untrusted fella.
If they are being too generous and want to give you a prize or gift, they should even include the delivery job to your doorstep as well! or maybe they will ask you to collect it somewhere on your own, but I don't think they need the deposit to secure your prize. this makes no sense at all! 
I don't stop you from saying YES to the free prize,
but always say NO to anything which involves your card details in order to claim the prize.
Be smart! :)

By the way, I should be working on my assignment now, but not typing out here lol!
Please tell me,
if there were an award like what the world's most lazy person, I probably think I am the most qualified person to it. Wth, I know right! okay that's it!


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