Wednesday, March 2

Time Flies

So hello March!
I've been living in the Glasgow for like 5 months, in the blink of an eye.
If you question me 'How's living abroad?'
Can I choose not to answer?
Well, my answer would be a typical ones, just this - great!
Not like I was trying to lie or what, life's good.
but sometimes, as so you know, my days are filled with boredom too.
I could spend a long day by just rotting in the room, I'm serious.
Don't judge me that way, I know, I'm a boring person...
hardly with an expression on the face.
I'm not easy to be 'read', for those strangers.
yet, I'm just too easy to get along, esp with my loved ones.
Get to know me well, so you can judge!
tell me, not to care too much on certain things will make you feel better, isn't it true?
some things came across my mind lately,
etc 'Could anyone please tell me what is the value of true friendship?'
'When we were far apart, you told me 'You miss me' and when you are near to me, you probably just too busy and have no time for me!' 
Please don't misuse and mis-express 'I miss you' if you don't actually feel so, cause I take in words easily.
I ever reminded myself not to give a damn to people who don't care for me, but I can't make it, cos my heart is against it, it says' I love them' . Shit, what should I do?
I need a direction, please lead me the way.
Let me stand up high once again, with a simple smile and just confidence, to convince myself that I can do it, 
so I will be good!

Just so I believe... I put in some hopes that every tomorrow will be another good day for you & me.
yes, you - who's reading this. 

Cheer up, wendy!

p/s: More photos available on fb, click THIS if you wish to view them.
Thanks Brian, you're sucha great and pro photographer. :D

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