Tuesday, March 1

The CNY event.

Hello y'all, due to the title, if you are thinking that I am writing an overdue post again, 
the event was just 2 days ago!
yeah, it was a late celebration, but indeed a great one! 
Yours truly before heading out for the event.

The event was held in the christian centre.
When I reached there, I was like 'Okay, this place is not spacious sumore very stuffy!'
I felt like I got not enough o2 supply (exaggerated much)
Anyhow, the familiar faces made me feel the warmth. :)
The event was heated up with this,
'Dong dong chiang'

followed by,
Lou Sang

CNY songs by those potential singers! their voices are really goood!
and performance by the team. Well done girls!

The foods served were superb, so I conclude that students can be good cooks!
eyy no it's better for me to emphasize, Malaysian students can cook, VERY WELL!

Okay so what now? I will leave you with tons of photos, enjoy them with the caption! :)
Anyway, sorry abt the bad quality photos,( I have deleted quite a few blurry ones you knw)
 I got no idea why my camera went 'pms' on tht day.
So thhis explains why I wasn't in mood to take photos! 
this is called L-o-V-E!
my favourite girls <3
Laomaooooo, pretty wani & farah is thinnnn :)
The two smokey HOT girls - yi ping & ching mun.
you can see Ejinq & iris on the left, while sookyee dear on the right photo.
Li-V ganu-kid, genyuan - my awesome ex housemate!
crazy Y-LING & eileen the hun.
ops. I just realized tht it's eileen again. :X
that's Wai-hong on the left, who requested to be my 'Zhi ji' :)
dearest flatmate - chandni & pretty girl CJ
top : CVien, Vivian , Jeanie
bottom : Liying & pay ying
Click & my sweetie -Chingyee (looks like she didn't want to take photo v me) :(((
all pretty & sweet-looking girls you can spot in this photo except the dude- Lester.
Lemme introduce, 
Top from left: Whitni, Beiyan, Grace & Snee
Bottom from left: Foongirl, Sophia & Jmee

This is a cincai simple post by a lazy blogger - look below XD
This was taken after the event.
Okay damn vain, got before and after event self-camwhore photo. 
buey tahan!

Have a nice day xo.

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