Monday, July 18

greetings from Oban.

 Hello! (waves*)
I know right, it has been quite some time since I last update my blog. 
to be honest, I almost forgot about the existence of this blog. 
every time I wanna blog, there must be something up. okay, excuses EXCUSES, put the blame on the lazy worms in me, they are growing excessively. 

Back to topic, if you follow me on twitter or a friend of mine on fb, you should know that I'm a working lady for now. Well, it's for 8 weeks. Working during the summer is not that bad, wonderful I shall say. The weather is lovely, the only thing that I wanna complain about is the part where I have to live a life on your my own. 
this is the place I am living for now. 
different photo effect by my baby lumix.
FYI, this place is called Oban.
beautiful, isn't it? :)

....reminisce back...
I came to this place with a huge pink travel bag, all by myself.
I have no one, not a friend, just nothing.
Full of curiosity & excitement yet I am a little afraid at that moment.
A ton of questions in mind, 'How's working in the pharmacy be like?' 'Will I adapt to it well?' 'How if and if..' and so on.
yes a girl, I'm just an ordinary girl who thinks maybe a little bit over sometimes. Not good I know.
After living here for 5 weeks, I'm able to answer those silly thoughts I had on the first day of arrival. 
Well, not too bad I shall say. But still, I miss Glasgow & friends. I really really do.
my biggest fear (loneliness) hits me over and over again. I hate this feeling.
whenever I have my day-off, I try to arrange a trip back to Glasgow.
despite the 2.5 hours bus journey, I don't care because I would be happier if I could go back for shopping or meeting up with the familiar faces.  
sometimes, when you go through something, you will only realize how much you actually appreciate a thing. 
Okay, Oban is a small lovely town, very peaceful days over here. and, I couldn't deny that the people here are really nice. hehe
Working in the pharmacy is challenging. why? Everyday, you hv to deal with different customer(they have different kind of questions bla blahh), so yea very situation-based, not bad I get to learn something new every single day. 
Apart from that, 50% of the customers are tourists and they are all over the world. I met french, german, americans etc etc. I think it will be good if I learn to speak more languages. haha.
enough of all these rubbish talk, in case I just turn you bored. I am sorry. 
one thing I am happy about is that....I have got many visitors.
They come for me, yay! okay, I exaggerated. 
for vacation I suppose, still, really good to see you people. :)
Few days ago, it was Eileen & Zhi's turn to pay me a visit.
haha. wtf. I say as if it's a routine check to visit Wendy in Oban. LOL

For the first day, we hopped on a 'cruise' to Mull, to be specific, the place called Tobermory.
(no photos for that, because I'm lazy to upload 'em here)

Forget about the first day, and let's talk about the 2nd day.
I had this beef blade for my lunch. Yums.

A very great day, it was.
Perfectly good for an outing with such a warm sunny day.

the photo speaks itself, I don't lie. the weather really goood.
Mccaig's tower. 
(look at us, who is the most potential person to win the 'tourist-ish look award' I assume the answer - the girl on the most right)
The tour guide (me) has turned into a tourist. haha

some great shots below.
the photos taken by yours truly.
the sweetie - Eileen
the charming girl - Zhi
'We might not have the similar thinking, similar taste or whatsoever, as long as when we get together, we click, we laugh, we love.' my self-created friendship quote.
Love the shadows. 
I am just being myself. I only open my heart to people who love me. 
(a little emotional)
the theme: What do you want from me?
the ang moh kids very adorable. :)
the comparison:
back in M'sia, I don't really get well with the sun, it generates burning heat which penetrates through my skin and I will go 'OUCH' 'Panas!'
In the UK, I smile when the sun is there. I am in love with the sun over here, that's why I heart you, summer! 

oh wells, my eyes are more than half-closing, guess it's time to get some sleep. 

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