Sunday, September 25

Mission: Explore London

 Hello y'all, yours truly is back in Glasgow.
Put the unpacking job aside and here I am, blogging.
I have sorted out the photos of the Italy trip, well not all but just some. Too many to be filtered tbh.
Back to title, okay my response is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, errr 10% only.
It's way impossible to get the whole London explored, and I only got a day.
So yea, we flew from Aeroporti Di Roma ---> London Stansted.
This must be set as the primary photo for this post.
It somehow reflects my thinking: It's just hard to make any judgement. Am afraid standing in the middle of nowhere, getting all lost.

Okay, this post is not meant to be emotional:/

I love traveling in London, the transport ain't a problem at all. The tube services just way too convenient:D
Station Check:
Pimlico - Tick
Oxford Circus - Tick
Bayswater - Tick
Knightsbridge - Tick
 A great smile to kick off such a perfect day! :D

What happened next? Definitely SHOPPING!
Partner of the day: Pay ying :D
 No photo is allowed in Topshop, but still managed to take this.

Next station: Hyde Park Corner
It was my first time there, totally hyped up!
 the 'MEH' face. epic failed
 It was a good hair day! :D :D
 Always love the green grass! #GoGreen
 Another vain shot of meee :X
Was amazed by the scenic view.
A lovely shot.

what's best is to have a cup of juice to enjoy the view altogether.

Tottenham Court - Dinner time
Finally, Korean Food! yums. 
 the London tourist spot - tower
 London eye as well. 

Last but not least,
Photo of us! :D

That's all for now. 
Stay tuned for the next!

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