Saturday, October 8

Some place, some memories.

A lifetime of memories,
A walk down memory lane,
Basket of memories,
I love remembering, 
I love creating memories,
They are like keepsakes, always treasured. 
Picture perfect memories (that's why I love to snap and people might think that 'This girl is crazy!' )
Today, I'm gonna write down the memories in Oban.
I took this. 
It reflects how scenic is the view and how relaxing the days can be.
Whenever I was feeling a lil upset, I walked here. 
Just stood anywhere facing the clear water, looked further aimlessly. 
It was like a magic, because I will smile unconsciously by just doing that.
 And then, walked home happily.
A tour guide eventually becoming a tourist, almost all the time.
This was us exploring Tobermory - the colorful town!
I missed... this chocolate shop.
Love the chocolate fondue & ice cream there.
Oh ya, the waterfront bar. 
Literally, very different from the bars in Glasgow, because it's more to a quiet chilling old man's bar, but not too bad kinda like it!
Of course, I missed tht moment when I was too bored in the dull room till I had to do this. Took excessive amount of crazy self vain photos. LOL at myself. 
I missed these people & also the rest in Boots store. They are simply awesome.
2 months in Oban, I summarise it with a smile.
I'd say: Indeed a very different summer I've ever had, oh and it creates everlasting memories.
Thank you for the memories, Oban.
Lovely, isn't it? I guess I'll be back soon. For vacation purpose this time! :D

so yea,
photo is a good way to accumulate our memories.
'A photograph can be an instant of life that will never cease looking back at you.'
I love taking photos as much as I wanna capture the moments for memories sake.
Okay, so stop asking this 'Why photos all the time?'
Pretty simple, I wish to savor the moments that are warm, special and giggly. 

Signing off with lotsa love,

Your Lucky No.