Tuesday, January 3


 I can't believe today's the second day of 2012. Oh my, time really flies. Everything happened back in a year time still vivid in mind, they just like...happened yesterday.
I have always wanted to blog, but hardly find a good timing to just sit in and do so.
I thought I could blog on the new year's eve but as usual #failed plan.
I really wanna summarise everything I could remember in year 2011.
I believe it's not too late to get it done, just 3 days late anyway.
Speaking of 2011, I would not say it was a superb year, but it wasn't too bad either. okay, normal is the word.
The Facts 2011
1. Managed to spend a quality of  good time w my awesome friends. 
2. Learned to cook many dishes on my own. (they are edible okayyy)
3. Travelled to a number of places like:
- Paris
- Amsterdam
- Liverpool
- Manchester
- London
- Lake District
- Edinburgh
- Bristol
- Bath
- Inverness
- Oxford
- Italy
- Iceland
4. Worked w Boots during summer & got the first ever salary.
5. Bought myself the Burberry bag using my own money
6. Learned to live independently in Oban with 0 friend at first.
7. Worked as a waitress for fun and it lasted only for a day.
8.  Participated in the fundraising charity event on Red Nose day.
9. Dressed up as a nurse on Halloween's night.
10. Worked w a number of photographers & also make-up artists. These people are coool.
11. Involved in the music video production by Gav livingston. 
12. Made a short trip back to M'sia just for my beloved sister's wedding.
13. Had awesome birthday celebration w my good friends.
14. I met more people and made new friends.
15. I signed up gym for a semester.
16. I had fabulous x'mas dinner w my mates & paid 16.50gbp for Hogmanay Street Party, Edinburgh
17. Eventually, I got to know a few friends even better than before and we made good friends.
18. I learned to set priorities in life.
19. Received Ipad from my parents:)
20. Managed to change my blog skin & header.
21. Dyed my hair to dark red. (not obvious tho)
.....bla bla blahhhhhhhhhhh

basically, that's all I can really think of.

2012, a new year, a new beginning, a new hope.
I have listed down a number of new year resolutions as below.
1. to be a better person 
2. to be more hardworking and stop procrastinating
3. be determined in term of diet plans?
4. keep in touch w most of my friends. (I really don't want them to become strangers one day lol)
5. work hard and play hard lol
6. to be more tidy
7. spend time w friends in the UK and create memories
8. do not disappear halfway for the conversation via bbm, whatsapp, fb chat or whatsoever
9. treasure every moment w those I care
10. get a new phone? get new bag? 
11. to love & be loved.

Do you have any New Year Resolution to share w me? *winks*


Your Lucky No.