Tuesday, June 23

Its all about Iyen, yes AGAIN!

First of all,
This text was sent:
"hey, 2ml 2pm meet up at 1u. (lunch, movie, dinner & sing k)... see ya den :)""

They spent a night with me (ri von heng and hui)
Nono, my room in BJ aint spacious!
it's just a little warm cosy room :D
Bakkutteh (non-halal) for Brunch!
Dry or wet, both nice. up to your preference :)

1230pm : As they requested to go for hair-cut, so here we go - 'LILAC Salon, Kuchai lama'

the hairdresser took like FOREVA to get a head done!
sat on the sofa until I fell asleep.

SimEevon, itu DIA!

wendychua, oh that's me!
what nonsense ryght!

The hair salon provides really good service in Servicing a customer per hour or longer.
YAH.VERY WORTH IT! only 30 bucks for hair-cut.
and ya u know wat, when we off from Salon.
It's already 3pm++! HOLY SHIT!
the guys already rang us like hours ago? as they reached 1u earlier than 2pm.
Can't imagine girls(us) are the late-comers!

The guys being so nice & helpful to get us movie tickets.
it's a ''COMEDY'' not horror, pls go and watch it for no future regrets! LMAO
I repeat, Its only comedy! xD

After movie,
No Idea for the dinner place,
out from Nowhere,
someone suggested "Jom go Karaoke NOW since it serves BUFFET''
Brilliant. Can Eat Can Sing, worth to the max!
~ ss2 KBOX ~D
Wendy & Members.
phewwittt foursome
They DieDie also wanna be in the picture!
so kewt
Mini tripod the life saver.
'Just like a family. come together and concurrently spread the warmth' - my quote!
my ZHPY and his Gf.
so loving, trust me not.
look at pictures below!
'There's only you in my eyes'
Yes I DO!?!!
dialogue created by me. lol
'Forever love.. forever love' by Leehom!
They sang that.
Can you compare difference between them(LHS- Leehow RHS-Siang)?
Which is hotter or cuter? uekss =P
I tel you, poser is everywhere...
Ah Chung aka old man! keke
Ajernih gang, or C.Lanjut gang. Whatever!
Mund is damn HAIRY!!!
picture doesn't lie ok!

We stayed in the Karaokey room for more than 5 hours!
(cheryl and hui gone home earlier)
Brought pyjamas along and stayed over Cheryl's place!!!
We Heart-to-heart talk until oh?? the time is being neglected!
Looked at the clock- 6plus ady.
Dat's why my eyebags . darkcircles getting worse!

What's NEXT- Zhe's 19th! *;)

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