Tuesday, June 30

hit FIVE places in ONE day ...

# PLACE 1 : 2369 Fish Head Mee Hoon ( Kuchai Lama)

Bugs Bunny Birthday Cake,
for the DirtyKing.

Wendy . Weekiat (the ex batch representative :)
hey mr.wind, its not the right time to blow the candles off.

Spot me in this pic.
Weekiat was cutting the cake happily :*)

my batchmates .

Iris & Suli

the loving couple

and not forgetting,

Group picture loh!
(Shinyen, why la u moving ur hands)

#Place 2 : Full House at NZX

Hey cyn, angry at youu..
she made us waited for like 20 mins in the car, as usual?
(kuching ppl alwyas slow motion one :P , hey no offence k)
thanksgod that we were thrown with 2 cameras in the car.

We took dinner at the Full House which is not 'full house' on tht particular day.
Lame betul, u may choose to ignoremee

Cynniebabe looks cute here...

We actually went to 'explore' the restaurant and camwhored a little after the toilet-trip!
(mind you, nt my first time been there tho)

the love birds, JasonLee and Cynchek?
lol xD

Click www.facebook.com/w3ndee and you will see this pic again.

Ready.Set Off and Flyyyy

# Place 3: Dessert's Bar which is sodamnnear to tropicana!

I'm falling in love with you - Raspberry Sourbet.
dessert's bar is a not-bad place to chill, Trust me!

# Place 4 - Sri Hartamas the korean restaurant)
almost 80% of the customers are korean weh!

*slurpp* it's all about PORK! De-li-ci-ous!
I WANT more Moree and MOREEE
they claimed that its nice but bit too spicy, not spicy at all for me tho.

We were actually there for this:the korean liquor - is that called korean sakae?
Tried 2 types, and this one is actually nicer as it's sweeter if compared to the first one.
they said it tastes like 7-up. wei.. I cna't reli taste that. how cum!

Cynnie and Casandrawks :)

The korean restaurant is recommended by him.
Byungyong - the korean
(I LOVE KOREAN FOODS SO SO MUCH, the side dishes = yummylicious!)
exception to kimchi, I just don like its taste~

Last Place #5 : Cynnie's House

As usual, we stayed over her place...
Slept at 6am. I was the first one to sleep wei. (worn-out)
I will never forget the sweet moment: how we apply masks on the face, neck, shoulder, arms, thighs together-gether.
Tht was really great!

I shall go to bed now!

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