Wednesday, August 19

How was yesterday?

If you do take note of this in FB: wendy 'wants wake up early and go Fitness First'
Initial plan :
Wake at 8am
Go gym at the curve alone
Pick up Elaine from Ridzuan at 1130am

Damn Shit!
The next day once I opened my eyes,
I found that my fon is switched off,
and time shown was 130pm!
How could this happen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rang up elaine to apologize.
ok ok. Fast forward to pyramid part ---> we met up (Yea finally, long time no see) and got our stomaches filled @ Kimgary.
I was craving for Bbqplaza but too bad. El and Cyn ed went tht day w/o me :(

Then. Wanted to catch up for a movie.
but the showtime bo ngam me.
so wad2do. just walked around bah!

I ciaoz around 7pm
and make it for dinner with other friends.

Dinner at FullHse.
ya wei.. I've been there for like 56789times. .lost count!

Taken dinner with ...
Esther. Xiyuan & Cesium (the twins)
The guys are Kerlei's primary skulmates woh!

Gals just love to take 'pichas'

Next round.
As I was driving and takmau go home that early (9plus baru)
texted zaihu-Lui & topgirl-Cheryl

My sis's place just so strategic. Can be said as 'The center of their houses'
Yay yay yay WeAreJustSoNear!!!

Had really great chilling session at FriendsterCafe.

know wat,
This morning I received a msg from ZHPY : Yer.. you go yamcha with alui a?!'
He claimed that he haven't met up with any iyens after his finals.
Guess he jealous bah :P :P :P

Not bad wert.
I did meet up with different people in a day.

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