Saturday, December 5

Back to Last Weekend!
It was Hari Raya Haji, which means public holiday lo ya!
Look! I went Melaka with my loved ones. . .
woke up darn early.
The sleep-deprived face with the high spirit to camwhore in the car!
acting cute huh! caught in action!
the camwhore partner - kb loon!
Ming drove few of us.
The journey took like only 1.20minutes from subang to mlk, if not mistaken! fast kan!
5 cars in total to fit all of us.
the first time met up with Ming's girlfriend.
Catherine indeed a nice friendly gal. :)

Once we've arrived the town,
What can be seen was people car people car.
Damn hell crowded! argggghhhhhhhh

We gave up to line up for the most famour Corner Lot Chic Rice.
Had lunch at slightly-shorter-queue Chic Rice Shop which is located nearby instead.
I was sitting with these people above. :)

After pampering the stomach,
Went to our rented terrace and got settled down.
Around 5plus (when the weather wasn't tht cruel and burning HOT),
Time for Jonker WALK!!!
The couple - Wenyee and xianhui

Sharing one bowl is loving and saving $$$ :P

It came to the night,
(For those who didn't tag along for Jonker Walk, they were starving)
Poor thing is they still have to queue for up to 2 hours to enjoy
the Famous Capitol Satey Celup!
(anyways, they gave up in d end and had dinner at another Satey Celup Restaurant which is next to the CapitoL)

'The night is still young' - Drinking Session.
The Next Day

For being smart this time, we stuffed ourselves with some light breakfast and then headed to the corner Chic Rice Shop, yes again!
With the 50% full stomach, long queue is not a fear anymore!
Die die also wanna eat the most famous C.Rice shop!

(After eating then we walked along the Jonker Street to kill time while waiting for those piggiesss at home resting to go for dinner togeta-geta!)
A lorong,
which you can't believe...
to have this 'Sotong Bakar'!
'Tauhu Bakar'
'Yao Yu with Kangkong'

and not forgetting,
the top selling dish - The clams 'Siham'

Not everyone loves SiHams,
half of the iyens only watching while the another half eating happily!
Another round of Dinner is just a MUST!
Drove half an hour away from the town and off to...
wads nice over there?
Pork Satey and Fried K.Teow!!!
When we reached the destiny,
The shop haven't opened,
the boss so jual mahal only opens his shop at 11plus.
No choice lah, Wait loh!
while waiting,
it's CAMERA time!
Chung and Maywah - the cute couple!
eh. why so emo leh this pair of couple? XD

u know wat! the boss of Pork Satey really HEBAT,
as in the customers willing to do everything on their own.
eg, slice the cucumbers, nasi, onions, serve the kuah... blablablaaaaaaaaaaa....

The 3rd Day...
Asam Laksa for brunch!

before we set off the journey back KL,
Jonker Walk , yes, again lah!
Chendol at Bibik!
Huan & Xinn.^^

In the car,
as girls normally do, non-stop camwhoring....
this is Riri babe.
Actually I got several pictures posing like a pig.
but I donwanna post up my 'Piggie mouth" :P

It was Sunday,
and guess everyone's heading back KL for study or business purpose,
therefore we were STUCK in jam for like so many hours.
No kidding.!

Stopped by Kajang before heading back PJ!
21st Century Cafe!
nice recommendation by huan.
love the foods. love the environment. love the companions :)
my Zh posing with her food :D
and it's RiRi again! say Heloo!
Oyster is the bomb! 7.50 each!
They said damn nice, I didnt try it out!

Us @ 21st Century Cafe!

such a long post!!!
The pics above all from my camera...
If your interested to see more pitchas on this trip,

Click Facebook for more......
the tagged photos under the album name MalaccaRoadTrip*Iyen by Eevon :D

My neck is pain!

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