Sunday, December 6

A smile for this post :D

Twitter Update before I off from my house(around1pm)
: Saturday is a good day to go for shopping! :)
I'd like to start this post with my brunch!
The Noodle Dynasty at Kota Damansara!
The shop which serves you the noodles of spinach,carrot and dragonfruit!
special rite! tastes gooooood..

After having the brunch,
met up darlings in 1u.
My zai hu is talking on phone with efreet.
Both of us spent like 'water' in the mall, enuf said!
Roxy and Quiksilver F&F Sale drives us crazy!
bought so many bday presents for friends...
arghhh... tht's why the credit card & debit card need a proper rest now!

Wow! The healthy plain noodle soup by Cheryl! (Dinner)
No vege, no special ingredients yet tastes gooood! ^.^

3 of us then went Ming Tien yumcha with How(the 'So Chu') & Siang(the Bad Ass) .
Weiliong's parents are really good cook,
mmm... the grill pari and sotong!!!
how to resist the temptation! :P
Heavy SUPPER!!!

I shall end this post with...
my ZH's signature pose 'Pigmouth'

Hey! My hand is not tht small wei,at least it's bigger than the mouse!
ops... =.= LAME! soreee...

It's time to watch GXJ :D


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