Monday, March 15

Believe not, photos are good for mental health!

Whenever you're feeling low & lonely, instead of crying yourself to sleep, go dig out your folders and reach for an old photo album! Photos hold strong emotional power.They may actually make you feel happier than a few boxes of chocolate would! According to DrSamGosling, a professor of psychology who specializes in personal environments, he says 'pictures are like a fulfilling snack for our feelings'I agreed with him.

Photo definitely gives a boost to people who currently having homesick or missing someone madly. Photographs are a great tool that remind us of happy memories, important events and even our own identities. A study found that people can endure more physical pain when they are looking at pictures of loved ones.
'Pictures say a thousand words', I could not agree more with! let's start showing off kinda pictures that put a smile on my face. :D
Sunshine, I love you!
Hong Kong I want go shopping again!

Starhill, I can't afford to shop :(

Sping 2006 Gucci Collection - My desire!
Arabian Girl!

So farrrrneyyy! the coward behind nana! :P

Lilac Saloon :D
Domino Pizzas' fever!!!

We're piggies!
The night went super wild & crazy!

Gamblers in the house 
my weird swimming wear , all thanks to cynnie! lols

'Pose like a bimbo'

this is my love! :)

Penang with the girls...

PENANG famous charcoal fried kuey teow.

'Nai Niu Hars' by ying's daddy onomnom

Ikea's Swedish Meatballs

Bbq plaze.. I loveeee
Pictures stimulate the mind & brain!
Now you can see a huge smile on my face :)))))
nah, toldcha!
Photos really are a tremendously efficient way of conveying information to ourselves and others. They hold incredible meaning and are very comforting at time!
Back to title: photos are good for health, so take more photos kays!

A tip for u: To keep your spirits high at work, upload your favorite pics to your computer and set them as a rotating screen saver or do the same to your cell phone! Tell people 'I'm not vain, just wanna keep my spirits High all-day-long' LaughOutLoud! Try it out!

Goodnight people!

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