Sunday, March 7

Happy 21st Birthday to you!

This is a post specially dedicated to...
 got the hint?
the guy always in the middle!
Call him Jordan, but I more used to calling him Chu Huan!
His birthday was yesterday, 6th of March
I feel guilty for not celebrating his big day for last year and also this year!
so here I am, blogging :)
but heard that his 21st celebration is putting on hold, so maybe I have the chance to cele, Great!

I shall complete this post with the memories we've had! *winks*
 when we were still high school teens!
...of the sketch for 'Bulan Berbudi-bahasa' campaign.
 A shocking pose!
no doubts,we really good in posing! ^^
we makan the-second-nicest Chic Rice in Malacca togeta!
3 tables with the most noises!
Awesome 3D 2N trip with Iyens!
 planned and celebrated your girlfriend's 20th at your place.
and, may you and her stay sweet forever as you wished! :)

Watch this!
He's cool, no? :P

A great stay-over night at your kajang house :)

Last but not least,
just viewed ya fb profile,
and your profile picture still remains the same!
I know your heart always have us, so do I :)))
We are always the great friends :)

Happy 21st Birthday Neow Chu Huan
                               so member, you have walked out of your teens and on the threshold of adulthood?
                                                              Wow, is this feeling great?
I dont know cos I haven't experienced it, long to come! 
May ya dreams come true..
and all the best !!!
Best wishes

and lots of love,

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. by Lucille Ball


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