Tuesday, March 9

I Just Love Good Smelling People

 Note: This is an advertorial for Project Alpha :)
Have you ever had one of those days on the bus or the elevator, where you had experience an unpleasant smell from somewhere nearby. And you will start asking 'Whats that smell' - Euww.. It's disgusting! and looking all around to search for the source of the bad smell! Apparently, if a fella with his whole body sweating, you assume 'The smell is from him' or if you see him with smart attire, no sweating  and then you will start whispering to the friend next to you, saying 'oh,He has body odor' 
What's next? you will hold your breath (as long as you could) and if you can't make it anymore, you might possibly do it in more obvious way, use handkerchief or hands to cover your nose! and your mind is all thinking about 'God, I need fresh air!!!'  Poor guy, everyone around seems to avoid him but this is what we call err Human's nature.
No? you don't? (alright, I misjudged you)

Well, let say if that person with BO is a stranger, forget about it. Afterall, it's just none of my business.
Eh but wait, how if that person is someone you close to, your family member/friend. Then, this is a different story!

What will you do?
a.Run away from that person when you see him/her walking towards you within a few miles distance?
How could you? No, you wont do that I know! :)
b. Buy the one a large amount of shower gel or maybe sponsor unlimited supply of perfumes all the time?
I tell you, simply useless. The smell still comes back in a short while

c. Introduce him/her Adidas Action 3
I call you smart! This is brilliant!

Let me tell you more about
Adidas Action 3 Anti Perspirant Spray for Men

There are few types for you to choose, so be smart and choose the one which suits you/ your friend more.
1. Intensive
    - Extra protection against perspiration

2. Control
    - Comfortable protection against perspiration

3. Sensitive
   - Caring protection against perspiration

4. Fresh 
   - Cooling protection against perspiration

5. Pure
   - Unscented protection against perspiration

6. Protection 
   - Protection against perspiration for athletes only!

All the types above are Anti-Whitening & 0% alcohol!

Adidas present you the new Action Three! The dry max system keeps you dry, helps you block sweat, absorbs extra wetness and up to 40% more efficiency! Cool, spray it on and feel fresh all day long! Shoo shoo smelliness! Say bye bye to unpleasant smell and it enhances your self esteem, you will feel great everyday! Grab one today! *winks*

I repeat, Adidas Action Three - The Best Defence against Sweat with Triple Action
it might be your new best friend!
Use Adidas Action III, the smell problem isn't your fear anymore, and you will definitely have more people come closer, WHY? because everyone loves good smelling people!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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