Wednesday, April 28

Road Trip with My Broadband

This is an advertorial post for Project Alpha Season II.

Hey y'all, are you the internet-addict freak like me?
Highlight:I cannot live without my cell phone, laptop and internet!!!
I used to play with my Itouch and search for wireless connection to go online. you know uh-huh, got WIFI which means I can sign in FB, Twitter, check mails etc.
But, it happened many times that the cafe/restaurant don't provide free internet connection for us customers,
then I got very frustrated.
A very mood-less girl. so you should know how desperate am I to go online for anywhere, anytime.

I got a brilliant gift,
which is...

I simply love WIGGY, too much!
it makes my life so much easier.
EASY TO CARRY AROUND(tiny in size), 
FAST SPEED OF CONNECTION(promises instant satisfaction with up to 10Mbps speed),

Ever since I owned Wiggy, I will never leave home without Wiggy.
I've had so many road trips before, like Sg, Ipoh, Penang etc.
Wiggy always be my greatest companion. 
In the bus/car, as long as I have the perfect match(laptop+Wiggy), I can blog, facebook, watch youtube....
You have laptop, you must have WIGGY, they're just the perfect match

So if you love to travel around, make sure you own a Wiggy too(its for your convenience)
Tell you a secret:
If I'm going on a road trip, I will prepare a checklist for things to bring.
and the top item in the list would be:
1. WIGGY - checked
Wiggy just never failed to make me happy.
I'm a satisfied WIGGY user! *grins*

Have a great day people!
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