Tuesday, April 20

I'm back in Kay-elle!

Hello y'all, sorry I know I've been MIA for quite some time. See my title, I supposed to get this post done by friday but then right I hardly spare some time to go online, some more right I always busy this busy that, shopping, facial etc. Right right ya right, all lame excuses. ops pls don't give me that kinda wtf look =.=

The 5hours journey to KL was tiring, because I slept too much lol.
But I got some time to play with my cammie.
The illusion effect. Don't look at it more than 3 secs please, cos I afraid you will dream of me :P
This one don't look like me, agree?

Once reached KL, we were searching for food around Kota Damansara.
Teochew porridge, all above I likey except the dark-oily pork.
Since when I love to mummum poridge huh? Lemme tell you. The first time I stepped into the ezy porridge shop, tuuuu the one at Ss17 then I deeply in love with pooooridge.

After porridge session, my parents dropped me at ....
Craft Brews!
Hengie's 21st celebration wey, die die also want come XD
argh, cant bear with the ugly-fugly fringe of mine grrrr
The glowing face of hers.
Jelly cake, yes again, not yet get sick of it..

I love the environment over there,
a nice place to chill chill.
One last pic.
Wow, I love my creative design, nice kan?
Say NICE, I force you to *wide eyes stare*.

More proper updates, I promise.
Stay tuned.


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