Wednesday, April 28

Photo shooting at Putra Jaya

 The photo shooting session was unplanned, just being random.
to be honest, it was darn tiring yet we had lotsa fun.
 No make-ups, No hairdo, just a quick-change before leaving home.
Okey, I shall entertain you with the pictures, thus leave you with only captions(:
 the first two shots.
 I kinda like this, got FEEL :P
 the black and white effect.
 Putra Jaya, it was my third time!
 The mild watercolor effect
 The photographer said this is the nicest ones among all, urmm, I somewhat disagree :)
 oh, 'I'm so near to the mosque!'

 *enlarge if you want a better view for this catwalk shot

 Sook yeeee, my partner of the night :)

and few shots with her.
 I got no idea I love to lean on the tree muahahaha...
maybe I thought I look abit slimmer by leaning on it? :P
 The loving pitcha.
 Smile naturally, did I?

The shots above, all thanks and credit to him.
 Eugene.... thanks for your patience and time XD
He had to crawl, squat down,deal with the cam...tht's not an easy thing.
 the 'models' so kononnya. 
this was the last shot- in the middle of the road okay.

Last but not least,
presenting the ugly-fugly pic of mine, I know you'd love to see it.
 Ugly, Yes I know.
Laugh All You Want :( ---I see nothing, I hear nothing

The photos above edited by Yours truly, neither Designing-related course student nor graphic designer I am, so don't expect the outcome will be super outstanding or wert bah. 
I have tried my best :(

More updates to come,
Stay tuned readers :) loves.

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