Saturday, May 1

Birthday Dedication to leehow & michie

Today is Saturday, also the labour day.
Since I'm free nao, thus I shall write them a post. Eh, labour day also blog, so hardworking ah? Hardcore blogger, I am.
His birthday falls on,
27th April
The Handsome big-nose boy, Lau Lee How also known as 'sohchu' / Fakrul / Mr.Air Asia
Tell you what, last time in high skul, he had attracted many many girls, well to be specific, is malay girls. I am serious.
in the pic, he was trying hard to hold his breath, to hide his fats whahaha...
He claims that ' I got 6 pack abs', what say you? :P

I texted him on his birthday this year.
The content ' dot dot... PLEASE DON'T BE SO SEXY ANYMORE can?'
His reply ' dot dot... Don't worry.. I will always stay SEXY woohoo'
Oh-Am-Gee NOooooOOO!!! the reply means He will continue to wear his tight tight shirt, very loose pants with the intention to show off his boxers. I'm gonna faint LOL

Okay proceed to another part.

Her birthday falls on,
29th April
Mic-che-le, or you can call her Am'kay / Michie
or maybe her full name Kuak YL(which she dislikes) :P
wow, the pic was taken 4 years ago. I love old pic, so memorable.
I miss the old good days lah
and this, us kay-tee-lang and taylorians outing at MV.
(excuse me David Lin beh song-my enemy, why stand so near to me. Big pantang!:P)

Darling, whylah you go Aus, see.... we cant cele for you this year T.T! ahah..
but I know you had a blast 21st over there with your boyfie and friends, great to know that.
Remember must miss me more kay...
You're coming back for hols in a few months time right, see you then!

Me hearts you, pretty! 
Still rmb this pic, you edited it using my k800i. teeheeeee

Happpppieeee Burfday Michow   
Mic mic and how how
Iyen rawks!

Lots of love,

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