Friday, April 9

Tea-time for today!

Hello :*)
I just had a heavy hi-tea. :/

Nah nah, they are all in my stomach nao. Nooo!
I always cant control myself, especially when there are foods right in front of me, I will Eat Eat Eat.
I told myself I WANT TO EAT LESS,TO SLIM DOWN, failed all the time fml
btw, back to the topic. If you were me, the ketam, sotong, ikan goreng all so delicious,  no doubts, you will finish them up too. The goreng-goteng together with Coconut fresh juice, sitting along the beach side, pure awesomeness!
In kaytea, I'm so lazy to style/comb my hair buahhaahah..
tht's a typical Wendy wert XD

And today is my lucky day,
I won this exclusive Glee notebook !!! I LIKEY

and I received a short message from 100plus,
I'm the shortlisted winner for the daily prize of RM50
(don't ask me to treat you eat, cos I wanna spend the money on buying skirt)
Drink 100 plus today, and maybe you're just as lucky as me to win RM50 teehee
eh hey, I only participated once okey, lucky me weehheee!

Is today your lucky day too? :P

Signing off,

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