Saturday, May 1

......of random outing

My second update for today.
Dragon-i is offering their Soya Sauce Chicken at only RM1
yeah, so that made a good reason for us to dine in.

and another reason was,
this - Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumpling
A must order every time you step into Dragon-I, one of its specialties. 
Only 3 of us, so I thought by ordering two buckets would be enuf.
Me ' So order how many bucket of dumpling? two and we share kay?'
The response from the girls...
' I can finish up all dumplings in a bucket'
'ya, me too'
Me 'Opsss, OH OKAY, then just order THREE lah (: '
so the 'Tam Chiak' girls are...
Misa , yours truly, WeeiFoong (double 'E', double 'O' correct spelling =)
I don't like to stand next to them, I feel myself vry short.
'I want grow taller, taller talllllleeeeeeeerrr'
Even in the washroom, also want pose for the cammie. dont gimme the speechless look, I=.=''''', I hate euu
the next stop, the mouth-pampering Snow Ice.
oh ya, I bumped into efreet and jeff boon down there.

The outing was great though I got home with strength-less body.
I need a hair wig, I just don't like my short hair(the massive dry and split ends) I cant bear with it nemore :(

More updates, stay tuned!

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