Wednesday, May 5

The birthday party.

Wokay, the party was specially held for this hemsem guy named Lee How.
Party, means you get to eat party-like foods. 
but, no Pizza, no fries dot dot dot for this time.
All types of food been prepared by me us. Good job!
You can find all of them served on the table.
and within 15minutes time, you can see the disappearance except SALAD.
Very, very busy eating.
tadaa, when it was time to present the JELLY AGAR(homemade) cake, the lights were off, the camera on stand-by mode, and we sang the birthday song loudly. It followed by the traditional way of procedure, eg, wish-making, candles-blowing, cake-cutting.
I find Lui's expression in this pic abit farneeey
the expression of any kind, may it be 'wtf;/wth' look, innocent look, fiercy look or whatsoever you can think of.
They got the Superpower buuuushhhhhh*
mua darling, xie er.
The striking colors: Red, Blue, Green

Time to move our their asses to the kitchen.
The cleaning job was assigned to people who did not help out to prepare food earlier on, in short, call them the late-comers.
The continuous snapshots. Strike different poses in less than 10 seconds, great one!
The SexC Birthday Boy and I

The ugly truth - muahaha, No more image now :P
How how(calling his name), so HOW?

Wanna take a nap.

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