Friday, May 7

Broga Hill

Waking up early in the morning, walking in the dark with the guidance of torch lights, non-stop asking the mates 'Reaching huh?', the spirit of keep moving forward.... hmphhhhh
A good experience, I would say.
It took approx. 30minutes to reach the first look-out point.
and that was our first STOP for the camera to play its role.
everyone was so buzeee taking pictures
me too, busy posing
credit to E-jinq^^
please tell me I pose like khong hern :P
the bomb of craziness
the love birds
the photographers
the formation of 'X' - Failed
Messy hair, half-opened eyes, retard smile, you just don;t give a damn when the strong wind comes to attack.
Gunung tok wan(only 3.1km), anyone? :P
I made it to the top(highest peak), can you? *Pinocchio nose*

p/s: Broga Hill is located near University of Nottingham. If you wanna find out whes' the place, google Map will help :)

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