Monday, May 3

What about today?

Today is simply GREAT, I must jot down the time-line what  had happened...before I forget.
  1. I woke up at 745am today (C'mon it's Sunday)
  2. I waited outside Cheryl's place in car for like half an hour
  3. I wore my new bought Maxi dress and headed to Genting.
  4. Cheryl said the car park zone in First World Hotel is kinda dangerous, rapists might love this place for their activities. Girls, BEWARE
  5. Had waited outside the toilet for like 10 minutes, the two girls were busy PAN LENG LENG.
  6. My fingers very cacat and unable to win the 'Tap of war pro' in Itouch
  7. Had adrenaline rush when entering the Casino
  8. The guys got stopped by the guard and Identification cards to be checked.
  9. The guard didn't stop me at the first place, but only ask 'Umur Berapa' and I spontaneously answered 22! Wey yin gave me that kind of weird look '22?' LOL
  10. Cheryl is under aged and the guard disallowed her entrance, then she manja-manja and Lee how winks at the guard 'Boleh la, girlfriend'  but I actually heard Good friend.
  11. It was my first time in life to enter the casino.
  12. I had gone thru disappointment as I thought there will be hot chicks with mini skirts or sexy attire to serve us, customers(like the scene in the Las Vegas film)
  13. I won a bit at first, at the 'Mini Dice' counter, and ended up lost alot at ' Big/Small fortune' as well as 'The three pictures' wtf.
  14. It was so unfair because my two friends, How and Jeff got so lucky and each of them won Rm500.
  15. Cheryl darling won Rm20(only) at 415pm where we were supposed to leave the casino at 430pm.
  16. We left the casino 15 minutes earlier though. 
  17. :( Sad face for wey yin & I as rm100 gone away in the casino
  18. The happy two guys with the thicker wallets paid us a meal in KFC.
  19. Walked around the first world area, and captured a few.
  20. Chilled at Starbucks and had a Medium-sized of Choc Cream Chip.
  21. Killed time in the starbucks with the Monopoly cards.
  22. Off from the car park around 630pm.
  23. I came out with this idea to have dinner at Kuchai Lama
  24. Not a good idea though, because the traffic on MRR II highway was going slow, only can move 15-20km/hour.
  25. The 15km distance actually took us 1hour 15 minutes to reach the destination place.
  26. Had spicy Hot pot at Kuchai Lama (aww, finally I got to eat that)
  27. Met up with Ming, Von, Jack, Likhang somewhere near Kuchai for a short while catch-up.
  28. Got home at 1130 and now I'm here, blogging
Today, is a great day, indeed a fun and memorable ones. Loves

p/s: A lesson learnt, control yourself and don't be so greedy in gambling. As you know, there's always a higher possibility to lose the money, unless you have the LUCK with you.

A proper update, I promise you readers :)

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