Sunday, May 9

Have you ever had fun in the BOOKSTORE?

I don't know how about you, but I did have some fun in the Times Bookstore @ Pavilion today :)
I always knew bookstore was a great place for book-addicts, and never did I expect it will be a good place ,too, for camera-addicts too(believe me, when you take a pic with books all around, the effect is just superb)
The bookstore is a nice place to take pitchas - WHAT THE HOLY CRAP
not enough convincing? you just hafta continue reading this entry. :)
you love reading, me loves reading, EVERYONE loves reading!
your cammie starts to complain how bored he/she is, try to walk him/her around the bookstore, and who knows he/she would bump into some friends. teehee see, the camera says HI to my fwens, the level of boredom is reduced.
in the bookstore, you can pose with different kinds of books. Isn't it KOOOOL?
 you see its title before posing with the book,
you might realize what you lack of /need to improve on,
as for me, I NEED more C, C for CONFIDENCE

The children's book corner
Not enuf tall to get the book bah, so have to tip toe lol pathetic sial.
Shudup! I wan more centimeters, I don't like 162.
Iris wants to upgrade her brain LOL
Read Clever to be Clever
Oh, Talent is never enough duh.
they were having a whisper romantic moment, Do not disturb(DND) their DATE in the bookstore.
here's a question for you-'Does reading book help you fall asleep?'
Oh man, I fell asleep in the bookstore, how embarrassing.

Last pic to conclude,
I love _________________(too many to fill in) and the bookstore
Love fails, only when we fail to love. To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

Be right back!

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  1. haha okay, damn brave u all camho in bookshop like that!


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