Monday, May 31

Hair Salon Recommendation

How many times have you screamed over the dry and frizzy hair?
I don't scream becos I'm kinda fed up with my hair.
The massive dryness of the hair tip, REALLY BUEY TAHAN.
actually it's all my fault, I deserve such a fugly hair. why? I don't take good care of my hair, I don't  rarely do hair treatment/mask or apply serum, shoot me--- I'm a lazy girl.
Another ugly truth is that even hair-combing which takes up less than a minute, I also lazy. fml

Last week, I was too freeeeee and suddenly had this thought 'I needa RESCUE my hair'
The Salon : Advance Hair Studio
Hair Stylist : Hugo Lim
(you shud have heard of Shunji Matsuo @ Midvalley, he was once the stylist der)

He suggested me to do Relaxing Hair Straightening instead of Rebonding.
The difference between both of them is that the effect of relaxing is more natural straight while the rebonding has the power of making the hair flatten straight.
doncha think the after effect is much more better?
There are so many types of treatment for my hair, as such the pre and post treatment plus the extra care Shiseido treatment. 

I'm a satisfied customer even tho I spent 5 hours in the salon :X
and look, 
 these vouchers all mine :D
if you're interested, just leave a comment and this complimentary voucher is for you:)

Good news for you readers:
If you hit the salon, just mention 'WENDY' and you're entitled to get 10% discount for all chemical services & products.
Also, get your hair cut service at only RM25 (applicable to everyone), NP:Rm38 woots

How to get there?
I provide a map here for your convenience:)
if you noe the International Medical University location, it makes thing easier.
its time to pamper your hair!


  1. With the proper care and attention that particular hair system will last you for years but the price Hair Studio LDK quote you will often include a second hair system so you're covered for some time.

  2. Hi, are those vouchers still valid? :) Can I have it because I think I wanna relaxed my hair too.

    Do email me at :)


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