Thursday, June 10

Forever21 Runway Fashion Show

It was a good experience to catwalk on the stage with confidence.
It was the first time when facing with so many camera flashes, I hafta act koool(kenot smile)
 The only thing I hate was the runway time amendment,from 630pm to 830pm,made us sick of waiting. 

The venue: Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
The smokey eye and hot red lip effect by the make up artist also known as F21 event manager, Roger.
The girl above doesn't look like me eyyy?
the stunning styles and looks.
I love the 2nd outfit the most.
different themes in the sequence, Casual, Party, Dinner
The backstage room togeta with forever21 staffs, 
they are friendly and helpful :)
all 6 of us after the fashion show.
Gerelynn(on the most right),the Youth'10 event girl join us for the camera purpose:D

It was my first ever time been to the Youth'10 Festival,
awesome to the max!
I got home with the widest smile :D
never did I expect I'd be that lucky.
Only ONE winner, ONE, is only ONE, that's me!
I posed for the camera with the extra chewing gun pack,
and then the next hour I received a call saying that I just won 500!
The Sweetest Smile Contest by Wrigley's Chewing Gum Company.
Never expect my ordinary smile will make me achieve such an award =.=
I'm overjoyed, 
Shopping Spree ON ON ON, anyone?
Do come back for more updates!
Cheers :*)

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  1. Dropping by ere. =). nice catwalk show there. Congrates on the winning


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