Tuesday, June 1

What's your KITSCHEN look part II...

I received a message in Facebook, like 3 weeks ago.
The title: Model for Kitschen's Seventeen Magazine Photoshoot
it's written:
# Hi Wendy,

We remember your entry for 'What's your Kitschen look?' on Facebook and we would like you and a few other Kitschen fans to model for our Seventeen Magazine photoshoot.

It will be on the 24 May 2010, One Utama, at 1.30PM. Could you send us your hp number so we can tell you more about it. Thanks!

Kitschen #

I was very blur until the Kitschen person-in-charge gave me a call.
Farra told me I can bring 2 friends along for the shooting.
I was like: oh, tht's better and gonna be fun! 
too bad, Cheryl darling not tagging along :(  
Date : 24th May 2010
Venue : Kitschen One Utama Outlet
I supposed to be there at
I was damn late, turned up like 4 hours later :P
Reached there, straight away change baju, hairdo, make-up, shooting... OMG
My Kitschen look of the day!
wad do you think, is it niceeeee?
They tagged along, 
from the left: Yee Sheun, Wendy, Ying Zhao
Chandni kenot make it and ask yzhao ganti her vry last min(tht's why Yzhao VERY BLUR and totally has no idea what's this about)
camwhore sikit before the shooting session.

and the photo shooting was kicked-off with the individual shots.
We were instructed to show the crazy wild side in the room.
'Just imagine there's only YOU in the fitting room and what will you do?'
err, being vain in front of the big mirror, touch up make-up or whatsoever. Show it, that's ALL!
there are actually more pitchas, but I only pick a few to be posted up here=)
I know ryte, you will get sick of seeing us in this post.

and...now I shall show you the group pictures:)
There's a compliment for us: Wendy, you and friends are really good in posing!'
'Ouww,really?' ROFL

Girls can be WILD at times!
to be featured on SEVENTEEN mag,
all thanks to Kitschen ♥
Kitschen Cover Girl shooting in the process...
you look cool and stunning =)

#2 YeeSheun

and now it's yours truly's turn
#3 Wendy
Poser ryte, yes I know *blushing*

the outcome:
do you spot something?
We wore the same heels for the shooting purpose, that's mine =)

The session ended around 6plus.
Took a pic with the event girl-Elaine and ________ (sry I forgot ur name) before we left.
Yay, RM100 shopping vouchers from Kitschen again, loves =)

The photo shooting was great, we had lotsa fun!!!
Shopping spree ON ON ON! 
Happy :D

People, check out Kitschen Facebook page and join the 'Style My Friend' contest.
don't miss it out, it's before 6th June 2010 =)
Hurry up, submit your entry like right now!

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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