Wednesday, July 21

All in a day!

If you read the latest previous post, great, because this post is somehow related to it. 'Same woman'
1. She stayed over at my place for a night.
2. Pillow talked till 5a.m
3. I woke up at 11am
4. Around 1pm, I woke her up.
5. Dressed up 
6. Headed to Pyramid for this:

We love BBQ plaza *high5*
This is an excessive zoomed-in photo, 
she was like 'See, my terrible dark circles & eye bags OH NO' and continued saying 'Later go cyn's place I have to put on EYE MASK before club.'
damn kewwtttt ryte?

She was craving for something cold, so I recommend this:
My all-the-time favorite healthy yogurt.
the caption says it, I love it!

and let's proceed to the night activity.

(we make it happen regardless of how many ffk calls/texts)

I shall leave it (Zouk part) to the next post,
so yea..
:::to be continued::::

Stay tuned!

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