Tuesday, July 20

I hate this woman!

why? I overspent because of her!
the saving plan of mine is like getting wayyyy too farrrr & unreachable.
after the PeeDee trip, we took a short rest in my room.
when she was lying on my single bed comfortably, suddenly 'hey, my nails very UGLY la weiii, how wendy'
I was busy chatting online and answered 'Go for mani and pedi la'
Once I said that, my mind just can't stop thinking abt the nails.

I searched on Google about the Mani and Pedi service at Kuchai Lama.
thus, drove there to give hers and my nails a new make-over!
as what I tweeted on that day, and what I exactly feel now, I love my pwetty nails, very much!
Rm55 - gone!

nevermind, then we walked along the shop lots, she asked ' Should I do something to my hair?'
'Whatcha feel like doing to ur hair?'  and suggested 'Perm it, maybe?'
yes, very random.
and look!
I thought of being her companion in the hair salon,
who knows. when I knew about the 50% chemical service promo, and then I decided to color my hair.
why lah woman so easily get attracted by promo! =.='''
Bye bye RM80!

next stop:
It was the finale night of Bpharmers/N&Ds' orientation 2010.
The theme of the night was Masquerade Night.
I went there for the purpose of taking pics with Jen them.
too bad, only saw Kai Xin there :)

The night was still young,
texted him for yumcha session!

the Emoboi, Victor Bay.
A punch from Elaine!
and if you are observant, you could notice, we have the same nail colors yay!

Even though she made my saving plan FAILED 99 on that night,
I still love this woman, Elaine Chai!

gotta go!
I.miss.u gathering dinner!

People, Stay tuned for the next update =)
much loves.

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