Monday, July 26

Ampang Look Out Point

I remember that was a random night, I called up my sis and cousin for dinner  yumcha!
' Where?'
' Ampang Look-Out Point weyyy JOM' (I suggested the place)

I'm this type of person, very random. When I feel like doing something, I just go for it. 
So mua lovely friends, please bear with my randomness wokay.
Everything was great( food, drinks, ambiance, people) except the potong part!
what the hell were there so many CATS at the place, I have to put up my legs on the chair for so damn long.
I seriously don't like...and a little afraid of CATS! 

another thing pissed me off on that night was my cammie.

less than 5 photos taken, all thanks to my CANON IXUS 80IS, really CMI.

I shall get myself a new camera.
Panasonic Lumix Gf1 perhaps?

okay just kidding.
I know $$$ wont drop from sky, just for me! =.=
or any sponsorship, I don't mind :P

Okie, I'm working on the LG Monster Party Post,
STAY TUNED baybeh =D

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