Friday, July 23

Girls' Night Out!

yesh, today's 'Fly-Day'. I will be damn hyper when it comes to friday. do not ask why, I have no idea too!
Just got home from Subang, had pork noodle and a short catchup session with the darlings(zh, efreet, kb & soh chu)
I'm in a good mood for now! =) thus, I shall blog a little before taking dina!

Back to title,

Everyone was sorta agree with the party night, and last minute the planner(elaine) got ffk-ed by her friends.
poor girl, her mood went down down down down after receiving the calls and texts. 
We made it happen though.
I didn't ditch her alone, I'm a nice friend :P

She asked me to join her UK friend, this sweet-smiling girl, Roxanne!
No alcohols yet this 'retired' clubber went high!
I guess that was the first uber sober night of hers in the club.
She pose Sexily in the washroom.
of course, I can't beat her SexC pose (:
only 4 of us... and tell you what 'That night was awesome!'
Roxanne's friend , Fey is next to her!

and makan/yumcha after-party is like a tradition for M'sians,
Late supper @Ngau Kee, Jalan Alor.
I always love this beef noodle! =D

Right after the delicious meal, the 'tragedy' happened.

We were locked out, and sat down pathetically along the corridor like Siao Cha Bohs.
as Cyn wasn't going home & Cas was sleeping soundly... so yeah no key to enter her house.
scary... I would not want to experience it again, it's just like a nightmare!

That's all! on! =D

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