Monday, July 26

LG Cookie Monster Party

Beware: I'm a Monster, Rawrrrrr...

I got an invitation from Nuffnang to attend the party.
at first, I was still doubtful of attending not.
in the end, I made up the decision to go. so yeah!
I failed to be a Monster grrrgah!
(I look more like attending some chic-and-chunk party, no?)
Really glad to have Jen' to do the make-up for me.
and I love it esp the eye part, the creative art. =)

I was supposed to be there at 6pm sharp, and due to my bad time management, I reached there around 7pm :X
I know right punctuality is important, but I tell you what, I wasn't the latest and there were a long list down of bloggers behind me. LOLs

My first movement in the Neutral Club was shaky, I damn scared & thought I might die of boredom.
aduhhhh, think too much ryte me?!!
It was greeeaaaat when I felt a touch on the shoulder and then responded by turning my head
She said to me: 'eyy, Wendy your here,too!'
I knew Vivian from Chris like ages, but never really had a chance talking to her.
So that was the day, both of us got to communicate!
She's a nice and sweet girl!
with vivian, shiiteckBaboon & Roslyn
the photo session had begun, and I bet everyone in the club has at least a camera along,
the typical bloggers' act.
not too bad, I managed to snap a few with other bloggers using my lousy compact cam.
damn paiseh to get it out you know, especially when you were surrounded by DSLRsss.

Around 8pm, the party started with this, Lucky Draw.
and the first Lucky Winner got to walk home with a brand new LG phone. *envy*

to heat up the party, the host then gave clues to seek for something, and you get to win the special goodie bag.
We as in (vivian & I) won one, I will only tell you what's inside till the end of this post :P )
5 volunteers were up on the stage to complete this task.
The participant who finish up the whole packet of Chipsmore and Dutch Lady milk at the fastest speed, will be the winner :)

'I'm hungry...'
dinner time, like finally.
The cater food provided by Modesto's is superb... yummylicious.
The special slot, performance by the Wondergirls.
Nobody, nobody but you..... by Nuffies.
I was amazed by the stunning girls and their performance.
Took a pic with Kenny Sia - The Monster Host of the night
(too bad, I look fugly in this photo, cannot tahan)
I spotted these 2  'monsters' at the very beginning,
I have expected one of them will win the Best-Dressed Award,and it wasn't disappointing because the left ones won!

okay, take a peep in the 'special' goodie bag that I have won.

Rainism Album, that's it.
and all the attendees received a Lg tee, Evian Paul Smith Collection & the exclusive Iron Man 2 note book.

That's all for the MOSTER party. 
people one last time, let's Roarrrr!
I had lotsa fun, how about yooouuuuuu? =)
again, thank you Nuffnang & LG yea!


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