Thursday, July 22

I love to Touch My Face

okay, if you scroll down and read further, 'my face' as written on the title is not the 'FACE' above, you get it?

No idea what crap I'm talking about!
Nevermind, let me share with you a story.
One day, a girl named TAM CHIAK (the meaning: kuat makan) found something in her drawer.

She took it out from the drawer and it was a pack of cookie.
without reading the label on the pack, she unsealed the pack and bite it.
'NOooo, this girl is in a DEEP TROUBLE' 
because the cookie belongs to the grumpy monsters.

bite by bites, she finished the whole cookie.
and she didn't expect something bad is gonna happen!
the baby monster suggested to give a lesson to this girl.
tick tock tick tock, time is ticking out.
and her face is slowly transformed to....

She touched her face and felt something weird, thus she went to the bathroom and..

looked into the mirror!
GAWD, Her Face = LG phone???
she then mumbled around,
and she heard the weird laughters.
FYI, the laughters are from the monster family.

At first, she stoned for quite long.
She got no idea what to do,
then she started to play with her face,
which is a LG cookie series phone.
She syiok sendiri and feel proud because she can still touch her face =.=
She kept changing the wallpapers on the screen,
she was like 'My new face is so adorable, I love to touch it!'
Out of boredom, she spent her time drawing/texting by using the mini stylus.
she was like: My face is AMAZING! wooah!

She even tweeted and shared with everyone 'I have a brand new face, weird yet unique and I love it'
By just touching her face, she can go online easily.
She said My Face is Convenient!

The face even has a manual equalizer.
With the help of this manual equalizer, she set base according to her requirement. The special feature like rhythmical beat which enables her face to vibrate with song and superb visualize effect.
This time, she was like My face is so damn cool!

Seriously, she is getting more and more obsessed to her new face.
She loves touching it, and the frequency of touching it is even more than her previous face.

Suddenly, she heard someone talking to her.

Her response was like this, 'Other COOOOOOOKIEEEEEES???'

The introduction:
 Cookie 3G: Enjoy social connectivity and entertainment on the go!
Gives you fast internet access with 3G and Wi-Fi connection, easy shortcut keys for SNS sites, Dolby sound, Music Hotkey and Ringtone Creator.
Cookie Plus: Enjoy great social connectivity with 3G connection, application downloads and usage, real time push e-mail as well as easy web browsing.
Cookie Fresh: Sleek, smooth and a comfortable soft outer grip, this model gives you great social connectivity and multimedia features in a distinctive design, as well as a variety of your favourite colours

All of the above have unique cool design,
their weight are LESS than 92.5 grams.

suddenly, the voice interrupt again:

She was deeply in love with all the COOKIES!

Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee

and she looked into the mirror again,

oh oh oh oh my gawd, freaking HORRIBLE!

she questioned the monster ' Kenapa macam ini?'

guess she got the answer!

I'm going to share with you this,
watch and get entertained:

Hey y'all, Kenny Sia will be the host of the LG Cookie Monster Party, With a great host monster like him, why should anyone miss it out?

I'm going! 
what about you?

JOM, go beramai-ramai =)
see you there!

it's late now, time to sleep!
goodnight everyone *yawns*

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