Wednesday, July 14

The simple outing

is just like a magic tool, which is able to stimulate the face muscle and then put a smile on me 
all the worries can be vanished away temporarily, as for that particular moment, your mind keeps telling have fun, have fun! 

---> Spaghetti grills restaurant & bar (very very late lunch)
---> Shopping
---> Movie (The flirting scholar2)
---> Sushi King (dinner)
how, huan & gf , von , chung

>>> Kimgary (for early dina)
>>> Starbucks ( blame the laptop,my study plan failed :X )
>>> Movie ( Despicable Me 3D)
>>> Snowflake (supper)

yizhe, me, weeifoong

My mood now: Heh-pee 
you might have seen this on Twitter, my purpose of posting up this is to tell you,
I love this squarey-specs, very much, I don't care if you say its ugly booo..
I'm wearing it now, 
and gonna wear it to sleep.
ops just kidding. 

ps : wish me good luck in the money saving plan. I will tryyyy my best :S

Buhbyeee ^^

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