Saturday, July 17

time flies!

It has been exactly a week she together with me.
Okay,don't get me wrong!
'Together', what I meant is staying under the same roof!
(lol, together seriously sounds very wrong :P )

Now, she has left, and be back in her hometown!
I seriously miss this crazy girl sob sob!

'You never fail to make me smile' :B

and I guess now, errr she has some power to make this guy happy too!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

my love, this 'Love' necklace reminds me of you!
I hope you like this birthday pressie from me.

till then,
see you again! mwah

Have a great weekend ahead!

Stay tuned for more updates.

p.s : I'm looking for fiona, haven't met up with her since she's back in msia.. I know rite... arghhh...


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