Tuesday, July 27

Starhill: The Hottest Tea-Break Promo in town!

having a stressful day? take a break...
Not necessary to have Kit-Kat this time, because you might find Starhill a better place

Air asia's Slogan : Now everyone can fly,
and now I modify a little for the title: Now everyone can eat. (from 3-5pm)

I had twice with my family for the last month,
and good news is that they have extended the promo to end of this month.
opsss, few more days left, you definitely won't want to miss it out ryte?
can you believe that Each of the above serves only MYR4.20 (after 15% tax)
wait, wait..don't give me that stunned look with your jaw opened. it's farney.

Another great news for you,food lovers.
You can choose to eat out at any of the 4 restaurants at lower ground of Starhill.
of course, only the selected four okay, don't go to Jake's or Tarbush and ask for the promo, you will just get embarrassed and shoo out.
I brought my babes to try it out.
They said it's finger licking good blarrrdy cheap and worth max.
Go try it out, and tell me what say you :)

I requested for the next round at Fisherman's Cove
nahh, Satay + Spaghetti = Rm8.40 only.
you can really eat till you drop mmmmmm...

p/s: This post is not an advertorial, it's just the purpose of SHARING with you readers.
I know ryte....I'm caring. hahaha. *don't puke pls don't*
hopefully the promo will get extended till next month again, because I want go again. anyone?

Sneak peak of the next post:
I had lotsa fun with the babes! loves~

Till then...Stay tuned!

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