Saturday, August 14

Hey I'm back

hahaha, you do not have to tell me how long this page is left unattended. Head nodded, I know I know.
It's dead for quite some time, and during this period even myself don't bother to view whycantyoufly. 
When you're not in the blogosphere, you will just give whatever excuses for not blogging.
No inspiration. No mood. No time. 
When the blog status is Active, you keen to update very frequent, like maybe one post per day?
on the contrary, if you blog status is Dead, you are lazy to... log in Blogger, Nuffnang (the blog visitors duuum to the lowest peak) and check out others' blogs.
Is it just me, or this happens to all bloggers out there?

Dear fellow friends, if you don't see me updating my blog, please catch up with me on Fb   twitter.
I tweet > I face'book',  this is a fact.

It was a day, I remember that I almost flooded the toilet.
I stunned inside for like an hour, all thanks to a number of stupid thoughts (a long list down as below)
1. Why am I Wendy? What makes Wendy, Wendy?
2. Why some people EMO without a solid reason?
3. Why some people choose to SMOKE, does smoking really help to make them feel better?
4. Why backstabbing? Why can't just go right in front of the person to express any dissatisfactions.
5. Why fakers are all around? (If you don't love someone, why befriend with him/her and pretend to be nice.)
6. Why girls gossip more than guys? XD
7. Why women are much more complicated than guys?
I tell you what, I shudn't continue listing all the Why, Why, Whysss down. trust me, you'll get annoyed.

oh ya, if you favor a smooth conversation with me, please try to avoid using these:
1. =.='''' (sweat/speechless)
2. take care
3. ?????
I don't know what's wrong with me, I anti them. 
perhaps you may call me a weirdo? sigh.

I can be sensitive at times, hey please don't worry, because if you do insult me, I will puke out everything and let you know okay.
If you hate me with reasons/ without any reason, please do let me know thank you. =)

If you love me, and missing me right now...
this is for you blehh.
Yours truly is back, will update you more! <3 

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