Wednesday, September 22


Well, I have settled down pretty well here. Loving the weather, shopping, new people here. And of course, got to meet up with the lovelies again, excitement is beyond my words. I'm still waiting for Sn my love, Cheryl darling, wh, kh etc to be back in Glasgow(can't wait to see 'em). 
On the other side, I really really miss M'sia alot, miss my home, my family & a number of great friends over there. If they were all here, ohmaigawd its just perfectly great.

If you miss me, nah this is for u.

oh wait, please lemme scream out loud for some complaints. 
1. Idk what heck is wrong with me, I get hungry all the time. I need at least 8 meals per day now.
wtf, please save me. I can feel that I'm gaining some weight. *bang head on the keyboard*

2.. I hate walking to the very serious extent, yet I have to walk like a crazy idiot here. 
and, it causes my whole body aches. Totally unbearable.

So now, I miss my little myvi   having car to drive me all around.
and good news is I just bought a mini here.

Slap me, I'm dreaming.

Stop here.
More updates, stay tuned.

time for breakfast
you wan some?.

936am - Glasgow time

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