Friday, December 24


Christmas is around the corner. can you feel it?
Gorgeous, aren't they?
Picture taken at Edinburgh. 
I am the Santa Claus today :) hope these little stuffs can bring a smile to those recipients :)
Santa Claus, will you be coming to me later? 
I want damn alot stuffs lah...... okay I know *give myself a tight slap* for being greedy!
Why human being always never gets satisfied or is it just me? :/
White X'mas, I will get to experience it this year.
Dear readers, I hope you have a blessed and Merry Christmas
be sure that you celebrate this meaningful day with your loved ones, how wonderful!

it's 335am now, I will be heading to Oxford in less than an hour time, and imma celebrate X'mas over there.
Then, London on boxing day, shopping... I bet every girls love it.

May your Christmas be filled with joy, peace and love,
don't forget to update me about it!

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