Thursday, December 23


with these people.
Well, let see what kinda foods we had.
Top Left: Mochi by Iris
Top Right : Herbal eggs by Wendy ( hahaha, they are actually cooked by my house mates :P )
Bottom Left : White carrot soup by Yizhe
Bottom Right : Vege by shiennee.

No photo available for the cooked vege by Steph & Milo Cake by me 
This is the bomb.
It tastes exactly like the one you can order in Rumours. 
Wai Hong can really cook, this is a fact!
Grilled Chicken by Waihong.
See I told you, he has amazing cooking skills.

We had a really satisfying superb dina.
What's next?
Picture time.
The center of attraction: My face is printed on the cap.
Can you spot that? hahaha, they said I giler vain :X
Ching yee the hiao po.
She quotes that 'Kedah people all very HIAO' blueks

I shall end this post with...
the Crazieeeeness, I like it thou.

Stay tuned for another upcoming post. 
I will be right back xx

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