Thursday, December 30

of my 21st b'day pressies and cards!

Oh-am-gee, can you believe that I am actually twenty-one-year-old?
this is a joke, isn't it? cos I look like only 18? Nah, don't give me that look. I know I know!

Year 2011 is coming to an end, so I shall create a post just to thank those people for the cards/ gifts
. you know what, you guys makes my life WONDERFUL!
I finally got a Lumix, god knows how much I fancy to own a lumix :)
Thanks to my mummy, sista, cesium for this! 
A poser should own a good camera, haahaha... don't you agree with me?

A perlini's silver star necklace from May Wong!
This is just like my lucky star, being with me all the time.
Thanks wong pui may, I miss you lahhhh :)


I converted them into Great Britain Pounds.
RM300 cash from Iyens, my bunch of closest friends. Thank you!
The red packet is still with me, I believe it will 'ONG' me :)
Iyens again, happy to receive the wishes all the way from M'sia.
Thanks YOU for the brilliant idea of making these.

this is very very NICE, I love it very much!
thanks to my ZaiHu Lui :)


The angelic card from my love, Shiennee!

This creative thing is from the manja Iris :)


B'day card received from Nana :) muacksss!

The handmade b'day card
these: pencil case & eye shadow set from
my Weeifoong girl:) I love'em

The lovely b'day card from the sweetie, Sophia Geh!
I love it:)

This mini cute bear with chocolates from Chris & Sookyee dear:)

Necklace that I like from Jane Norman.
This is from Cheryl bb, I likey it!

The ted baker's set from my house mates (karmun, chandni, sookyee), Weiguang & sophia!
Thank you =)

Don't be shocked. It's not the guitar.
Focus on the trench coat, it's from Jane Norman.
Thanks to Cheryl, Eileen, Khong Hern, Yi Zhe, Zhi Yung, Wai Hong, Jay mee, Iris, Shien Nee, Steph, Ejinq and Fiona.
I love you guys to the max, mwahs!

Okay, this is from meeee!
you must be thinking I'm weird, but for me, I think I must give something to myself becos it's my 21st =)

Last but not least,

Thanks Daddy for these & some GBP cash. ILY! :)))

I think that's all, I hope I don't miss out any gifts/cards. Tell me if I do.
I know this is an overdue post, but it's better late than never.
Thanks to those who wished me via texts, calls, bbm, whatsapp, twitter, facebook, so sorry for not replying all of you, so yeah... here again, thank you a lot a lot! You guys awesome max! :) :) :)

Alright, see you again!
Have a pleasant day!

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