Wednesday, December 22

The wishing tree

I wish......
( ops sorry not to be revealed here :P)
but what I could tell is I got more than 5 wishes, greedy sial :x

anyway, I just came back from Edinburgh.
The train back from Edinburgh --> Glasgow was a jerk,
the status from DELAYED to extended time delay, and after an hour, it then changed to CANCELED. waddafark
I was real speechless, its just like I waited for nothing for 2 hours. 
Thank god, I got good companions to been through all these with me.
and you know what, when I got into the train, I thought everything would be fine and I could start grabbing some sleep.
Pfftttt, I was wrong.
After 10 minutes, all the passengers have been asked to leave the train as the train will be canceled.
I was a bit clueless that time, I didn't really know what should I do, I followed the crowd by just standing at the platform. 
and at this time, my phone rang  'Hey, your train has been canceled again!'
I was like 'How do you guys know, I thought you guys left?'
'We are still here, we never leave, we need to make sure your train is departing baru leave'
My heart melts, at that particular moment, I felt loved and cared.
Girls, I heart you all. <3

I will never forget this day in my life,
of 'Toilet-funny-day' (inside jokes)
of  'The lousy train experience'
of 'The Edinburgh random trip'

and also, thanks to WG & KM for walking me home from the train station :)

I don't know why, 
but recently I got a slight touch on deep feelings.
The single action of anyone will easily change my perception towards the one.
My mind is pretty clear about who loves me, who slightly does or even who doesn't.
An inspirational quote : 'You are in integrity when the life you are living on the outside matches who you are on the inside' by Alan Cohen

My life motto: Be real, be strong and to be a better person.
yeah, I have never forgotten abt this!


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