Sunday, January 2

Happy New Year!

sorry, this is not the recent me! I rindu my curls :'(

Happy Two-Zero-One-One!
how's your first day of d year, a lovely one?
Mine is DEAD, I spent the whole damn day in the room :/
Finals in a week time, please make sure that I study more than I sleep, I eat, I tweet. 
I need ultra strength to struggle with the books.
I need Ohm, to keep going.
on a brighter note, Paris trip after the exams :)

I am missing these people below RIGHT NOW!
trust me, the IYENS are the awesomest, coolest people on the earth.
love them to the bits!

Okay, why am I here?
I suppose to be sleeping nao!
Good night people.
                                                                      Sugar Dreams x :)

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