Tuesday, February 22

of CNY dinner & ceilidh dance.

tweeted this, few days back.
The event foods suck, yet the ceilidh dance was indeed fun! Oh well, I know I can't dance :X

Had a nice catch-up with nana, kh & ryl for LUNCH!
We had a hard time to decide where-to-eat because most of the bars & restaurants only open at 12pm.
(i look horrible in this pic, yet only 1 pic I have, so no choice have to censor it! :P )

Bought a 5 pounds ticket for the CNY event celebration and headed over UNION with these people around 645pm :)
Hello Lilian, my lab partner & housemates (sook yee & black cat)
Time for Nomnoms. 
The food didn't taste so good, yet I managed to finish the whole plate. #tamchiak!

After everyone had a satisfied stomach, it was the time for Ceilidh dance.
FYI, cèilidhs are now extremely common in Scotland, where bands are hired, usually for evening entertainment for a wedding, birthday party or other celebratory event.
(Source: wikipedia)
 the style of writing very formal, got citation sumore fuahwahhh assignment meh wtf!
Okay, if you're interested to know more, google Ceilidh! 

Ceilidh? get an image of it, smth like the above!
this is taken before the dance.

the after-dance photo.
LOOK! 'Red faces, sweats all around, stinky bodyyyy' 
the sexayyy guys!
perhaps, they are just GAYS? agree? :P
okayyy look at my standing posture, weird max! I know  =.=
the paparazzi shot!
they are sho shweeettttt :)

I shall end this post with...
my sleepy face. Gah!

Hope you enjoy reading!
bye :)

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