Wednesday, September 28

Twenty First B'day Girls!

Both of 'em just turned Twenty-One *winks!

Okay, so on the night before (around 1130ish), everything went accordingly smooth, except the wee rain.
Managed to get the birthday girls blindfolded and 'Secret place' off we go!
I suggested to throw them a surprise cake-blowing session at this secret place, cause I don't really fancy the idea of having it at the student halls.  you know, it's like less fun:P
so yea, the venue was my suggestion, and I named it 'I-city'. why? because I see the trees all lights-up, it somehow reminds me of Icity. so that's how I got the inspiration for the name:)

Had to rush to the place as soon as possible before the shower gets heavier. (fyi, shower= rain)
& we got another bunch of friends waiting over there. 
The b'day girls, Tracy & Sookyee got the instructions to hug the tree when we just arrived.
They were like 'omg, what we doing here? what's with the tree?' cuteness!
I'd hafta say that this banner is worth its value for being repeatedly used for the 2nd time.
I made a right choice to get it, haha. 
despite the wee rain, we still here, to surprise the girls! :D
This is gonna bring back good memories in the future.

We moved back to the hall as soon as the group photo session ended.
The bakers for Tracy's cake
and, that's us. Showing love to our dearest flatmate!:D

And, the celebration lunch took place at the japanese restaurant, Nanakusa.
Approx 20ppl, as you can see the long table down.

Hope you girls love the TWENTY-FIRST CELEBRATION w us:)

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